Tips for Tourists Who’s Coming to Watch the Confederations Cup in Brazil.

The Confederations Cup is fast approaching, the kick off is on June 15, and the games will extended until June 30, 2013. For the first time in the country’s football, there’s a huge expectations for the competition, which is actually a warm-up for the greatest sporting event on the planet. The 2014 World Cup, also in Brazil, promises will be a hit for fans worldwide.

For those who are coming to Brazil during the Confederation Cup in 2013, most from european countries, the VOB will bring some tips for them, from cities hosting the games. Basically I want to bring some tips for tourists lodging in these six cities, and flights out of the two main ports of entry in Brazil, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, for the remaining seats of games, Brasília, Belo Horizonte, Salvador, Recife, Fortaleza and Rio de Janeiro itself. I hope I can help a part of the large number of people who are coming to Brazil to watch the games, or simply on vacation, in the month of june.

In this first post, I will bring the tips of hosting in all host cities. There are six cities in total, and I think the fans will not find prices of Lodging cheaper than these tips that I will show here.

There are several options for hotels with amazing cheap prices in all cities. This, I would say is a super promotion for the fans of football. Anyone who wants to enjoy and make their reservations soon, here is the list that I consider the lowest prices for hotels throughout Brazil, not only for the cities that will host the games, but also at different touristic places in the country.

Rio de Janeiro, from R$268 (In 06/14 – Out 30/06/2013) Daily rate for double Bed with breakfast

Belo Horizonte, From R$92 (In 06/04 – Out 30/06/2013) Daily rate for double Bed with breakfast

Brasília, From R$143 (In 14/06 – Out 30/06/2013) Daily rate or bubble Bed with breakfast

Salvador, From R$127 (In 14/06 – Out 30/06/2013) Daily rate for double Bed with breakfast

To find a discount Hotel in Fortaleza and Recife, use the Link above. The range of prices are the same as the others cities.

You also can buy Airfare Tickets from, and to all cities where the competition will happen, at a lower prices. These prices are for the second quarter of June and you can buy them now, as the super discount is in course. The prices are in the Brazilian currency, Real, and is a promotion to fly during the games.

Sobre o autor: João Lucena

João Lucena foi Guia de Turismo, Agente de Viagens e proprietário de Agência de Viagem no Brasil. Mudou-se para os EUA ainda nos anos 80 e passou a atuar no setor hoteleiro e de restaurantes. Devido a paixão por viagens, dedica algumas horas diárias ao Viajando Online blog, trazendo dicas como; roteiros e destinos, promoções de passagens aéreas, hotéis, vistos de viagem e muito mais.

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